New Game Plus – S01E28

Another week, and another week of great games. We take a look at X:COM: Enemy Unknown, Split and Dishonored, continuing the sleeper hit success of 2012. The Rocket Chainsaw boys return for Halloween, we interview Bruce Boxleitner, famous for Tron and Babylon 5, as well as Conrad form the recent Spec Ops game. Don comes in with the news, and convinces us we should look into doing a Kickstarter. All this, plus more, on episode 28 of New Game Plus

Retro City Rampage Coming Exclusively to PS Vita in AU

For the last few weeks now, the long awaited indie game Retro City Rampage has been out there in the world and, depending on how you feel about the 8-bit era of gaming, is either the best thing or the worst thing. While it’s been out on Steam here for Australians, the game hasn’t seen a release on PSN, despite it already being out in the US for a while. There hadn’t been any information as to what’s taken so long, but thanks to a Twitter exchange with one of the developers, it was confirmed the game is on its way here…but not quite in the way you’d want it. Continue reading Retro City Rampage Coming Exclusively to PS Vita in AU

Opinion – Trading & Saving: My EB Expo Experience

I have a problem with conventions. Not so much the general concept, but pop-culture expos don’t interest or excite me, even in the slightest. Most of it has to do with the fact that they focus on TV shows or comic books that I either haven’t quite gotten in to or care to get in to. Granted, I do enjoy the social elements of it all, as well as the cosplay side, but generally it takes a lot for me to go to a convention.

It was like this last year when EB Games had announced it was taking its yearly trade show public and branding it “EB Expo”. It was quite easy to mock it all, what with the whole “trade and save” thing that they are known for, not to mention some overly expensive ticketing prices and just a real shady kind of feel to it all. So I sat it out, mostly because I didn’t think it was going to go well.

But after hearing that it actually went legitimately well, I immediately promised myself I wouldn’t sit out the next one. Continue reading Opinion – Trading & Saving: My EB Expo Experience

Zynga Closes Studios, Ends Games, Lays off 100 Employees

It seems that whenever Zynga is brought up nowadays, it’s never a good sign. Last month, the creators of Words With Friends left the company. Now, probably the biggest blow to the ailing social gaming company in quite a while – the company is laying off 100 employees from its Austin studio (around 5% of the overall development staff), closing down its Boston Studio, and ending support for 13 unspecified games. Studios in Japan and the UK are also being considered for the chopping block. Continue reading Zynga Closes Studios, Ends Games, Lays off 100 Employees

PAX Australia Officially Coming To Melbourne

The previously announced Penny Arcade Expo will be coming to Melbourne for 2013 and 2014. The event will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds on July 19-21 2013, confirming details that had previously leaked. The confirmation was made at the Game Connect Asia Pacific 2012 conference by Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo and Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher.

Continue reading PAX Australia Officially Coming To Melbourne